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Hot Tub Sales, Support, & Service


Imagine paying for a spa vacation once and enjoying that relaxing feeling at home every day! Well, it’s possible. You can enjoy resort living in your own home year round for the price of an average week long spa vacation. Getting and setting up a spa from Jelinski Plumbing and Heating is easy and your body could be indulging within 24 hours because Jelinski Plumbing and Heating has loads of models in stock and delivers right to your home.

Jelinski Plumbing and Heating knows you want to treat yourself and/or your family to the best things in life. Setting up a backyard retreat is one way to achieve that goal. Jelinski Plumbing and Heating has a great selection of hot tubs and spas, including America’s number one brand, Hot Spring Spas, so you can enjoy a soothing massage everyday and have exciting backyard vacations without the fuss of traveling. Hot Spring Spas are energy efficient, easy to own, and designed for the Wisconsin outdoors. Hot Spring Spas stands by their product, no matter what. Plus, relax knowing that Jelinski Plumbing and Heating has professionally installed your new spa and will provide unbeatable service and support.

Don’t Forget Important Accessories!

After your spa is installed, you’ll may want a few hot tub accessories to make owning your spa more enjoyable, convenient and energy efficient. From covers and steps to cleaning and maintenance products, Jelinski Plumbing and Heating has everything you need.

Backyard Planner

Visit our Backyard Planner page for information about how we can help you find the perfect location for your new spa.